Dirty Deeds, Inc. Services

Basement Waterproofing in New York & Connecticut For Over 30 Years.

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Dirty Deeds Inc. Waterproofing Services


  • Sump Pump


  • Inside French Drain Floor Systems

    Internal drainage system where water discharges through sump pump or if property allows (see Gravity Fed System below).

  • Inside Gravity Fed System

    Internal drainage system where water flows to low point outside - eliminating the need of a sump pump!

  • Masonry Aggregate Applications

    Waterproof painting applied to walls.

  • Industrial Dehumidifiers

    Compact for small areas/crawlspaces or larger unit to cover more square footage.

  • Battery Back-up Power

    110 volt battery back-up to provide power to sump pump in the event of an electrical interruption.


  • Outside Subterranean Drainage System

    Excavate around the foundation,apply our rubberized membrane in a self-contained foundation drain to gravitate to low point or into a pump chamber (outdoor sump pump) if property will not allow for gravitation.

  • Foundation Drains

    Re-directs water from home.

  • Yard Drains

    Series of drainage piping installed - can include: Footing Drains- Installed/replaced- Keeps water away from foundation; often missing in older homes. *Curtain Drains- re-directs ponding/standing water to flow to low points. *Leader Drains- Subterranean drainage piping to carry roof water away from foundation. *Dry Wells *Basins *Driveway Grates- heavy duty steel. *Window Well Drains

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